About Us


We have about 50 members from several states -Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia and even California.  

What Do We Do?

We participate in Civil War reenactments like the annual Gettysburg event, Cedar Creek and others.  We present Living Histories at the Spangler Farm in Gettysburg and other locations.  We do community service by speaking at senior citizen gatherings and holding a period Memorial Day service in the Gettysburg Soldiers Cemetery.  We have done tours of the White House at Christmas with lunch at the Old Ebbitts Grill and visits to Civil War related local attractions (we had a terrific concierge tour of Willard's Hotel.)  We've put on period fashion shows, sewing classes and attended Civil War related events dressed in period attire.

I'd love to join but I don't have anything to wear

We can help with that - we can lend and, if you're so inclined, help you with sewing.  If you want to purchase, we can assist so you don't fall victim to inauthentic vendors.  We are a friendly group and want you to enjoy out hobby.